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The Bounty Board

Introducing a first of it's kind, this year in New Year, New Discoveries, we are adding a Bounty Board to the expedition. Below, you will find things that we are dolling out bounties for within the expedition, for what would "New Discoveries" be without, well, New Discoveries!

If you happen to be the first to find a bounty, you will be given the honor of being placed on the bounty list as the bounty's Lead Pioneer along with the picture you've taken of the spot. Don't worry, if you aren't the first, you can still get a partial reward for finding it!

If a Bounty is marked as "undiscovered", it means the system has to be untouched with no one claiming it's discovery yet. If a bounty is marked "Green", that means it is still active. If it is marked "Purple", that means a discovery was made and future discoveries will be given partial rewards.

NYND waypoints and codex entries do not count. This system is honor based, so please dont google things for bounties.

The Gallery

Below are user submitted images to the New Year, New Discoveries Gallery. If you wish to add your screenshot to the gallery list, go to the Discord and look how to use the "!gallery" command via Luna

If you successfully had Luna create a gallery image and you can't see it, make sure you hit ctrl-F5 to force refresh the page!

The Alchemy Den Expedition Fleet, by Arburich

The Fleet, by SecondDecayed

Tipsy Whale Bar Menu pg 1/3, by ClaireB

Tipsy Whale Bar Menu pg 2/3, by ClaireB

Tipsy Whale Bar Menu pg 3/3, by ClaireB

Launch! Launch! Launch!, by Helios

A proper expeditionary fleet, by TheGilmster

Not very often you get to see a mass jump from the other side, by TheGilmster

Beta Hydrae Black Hole, by CMDR Incendiary Moose

Garden Of Eden Trees., by Incendiary_Moose

Survey of ice ring at HIP 58011 8, by Helios

Celestial Gem Beacon, by Incendiary_Moose

Brain Trees on a tiny vacuum, by Arburich

Over the Mountain Tops we go, by Arburich

Investigating a planet along the way, by Lofted

Neutrons are beautiful., by Incendiary_Moose

Flying through the canyons of the Coalsack, by Helios

Statue Of Liberty Nebula, by Incendiary_Moose

The Garden of Eden, by Helios

Corona Austr. Dark Region KS-T B3-3, by Orphan

Start of the Journey, by BKel

Farm Simulator 3306 (Brain trees on PRAEA EUQ FK-A D29 B1), by JVMMs

Vela Pulsar, by BKel

Moonrise in tv duscae, by BlueMoon59

in transit, by BlueMoon59

Pressure, by BlueMoon59

Ringed ammonia - Pro Eurl EV-O D6-5, by Orphan

Ghost of Jupiter, by Lazy_Palpatine

Tip of the Spear, by Arburich

Through smoke, by Lofted

Challenger scanning for mining hotspots, by Helios

Eden Eternal, by Helios

ORBS, by BlueMoon59

Binary landable planets 8.43ls from star, by StormySan

Vela Pulsar, by Helios

Something like Earth, by BKel

Slow down and appreciate (CD-39 6 137, by JVMMs

The Coalsack takes shape, by TheGilmster

Ghost of Jupiter, by drokeep

Lämp, by TheGilmster

Highway to Hell, by Helios

Statue of Liberty Nebula, by StormySan

Ring survey in the Ghost of Jupiter, by Helios

Challenger surveying Plio Eurl GW-O c21-2 2 and its moon "Clementine.", by Helios

Meeting the celestial Dragon - Statue of liberty nebula as seen from STATUE OF LIBERTY SECTOR ZG-J A10-1, by Nindjako

Asteroid Station: New Growth System: Pencil Sector EL-Y D5 Body: A5, by Nindjako

A Celestial Gem, by Arburich

Beauty in the Black, by TheGilmster

Sunrise in an Alien Land, by TheGilmster

Binary Ringed High-Metal worlds in the Eight Burst nebula, by Helios

A view that's out of this world!, by Helios

Gravitational lensing of a black hole, by Lofted

Between Two Ferns, by Arburich

The Ghost Of Jupiter, by Lister Of Smeg

Split The Night, by Lister Of Smeg

Worlds Away, by Lister Of Smeg

Eye Of The Storm, by Lister Of Smeg

Spatial Rift, by Lister Of Smeg

Red Glare, by Lister Of Smeg

Purple Panic, by Lister Of Smeg

Do I hear Pete Tranter's Sister?, by Lister Of Smeg

Round Spheres and Metallic Crystals, by shatteredorbit

Praise the sun!! \o/, by TheGilmster

Life finds a way., by Helios

Challenger at the Statue of Liberty nebula, by Helios

New worlds, by JVMMs

Sunrise over the horizon, by Nindjako

Mass Jump 2, by Arburich

MOOOO, by Arburich

Friends, by Lister Of Smeg

Planet 1A of Statue of Liberty Sector DL-Y D25., by Incendiary_Moose

Mass Jump 2 ships, by Saar

Solar Eclipse at X Carinae, by Helios

Escape Velocity, by Lofted

Arrival at Morgan's Rock, by Lofted

Ringed Metal-rich Body within Planetary Nebula CD-39 10464, by Newmanski

Big Stars, by Arburich

A welcome stop along the way, by Lazy_Palpatine

Valley of Shadows, by Helios

Exploring a planet in a nebula, by Lofted

An evening filled with billions of moons, by Helios

Going hiking, by Lofted

Magnificent Desolation, by Helios

Binary Eclipse, by Helios

Replenishing Supplies at Morgan's Rock., by BKel

SRV "Mir 1" at The Hot Gates., by Helios

Riding the Neutron Highway, by Helios

Red Storm Geysers, by shatteredorbit

Gibb's Bridge, by Helios

Sunrise at "Roche Landing", by Helios

Glowing Green Giant, by shatteredorbit

Moon that's just outside the rings, by Lofted

Arrival at Observation Post Epsilon, by Lofted

Ringed Water World in the Cat's Paw, by Helios

Red Storm Rising, by Helios

The Jolly Green Giant, by Helios

Planetrise, by Helios

Observation Post Epsilon, by BKel

New Home, by drokeep

Flow along the rings, by Lofted

Flying into the Unknown, by Arburich

A Red Sky, by Arburich

Thor's eye, by Incendiary_Moose

Observation Post Epsilon, by Nindjako

Trying to escape being eaten by the space Griffin, by Nindjako

Surface, by Saar

Oooh! Piece of candy!, by TheGilmster

Trifid Nebula approach, by TheGilmster

Epsilon by the morning light, by TheGilmster

A Unique Perspective (Attenborough's Watch), by TheGilmster

Poor Stormy San 😄, by Nindjako

Shiny and Chrome, by Arburich

Blue Light Binary, by Helios

Thor's baleful eye, by StormySan

Thor's Eye stares back, by Upper Manglement

Green lagrange cloud, by shatteredorbit

Gas giant backdrop, by Lofted

Curious little buggers, by Nindjako

In search for the perfect grape taffy (Thor's Eye A, by Simcoe

Frozen Shepard, by Helios

The Three Amigos, by Helios

Challenger encountering V404 Cygni, by Helios

Hot summer day, by Lofted

River of rocks, by Lofted

Setting up camp on a moonrise and a sunset., by Lofted

Potato Planet and a Close Friend, by Arburich

We Match!, by Arburich

Making a Nest for the Night, by Arburich


This is how we advertise, by TheGilmster

My first cloud., by Incendiary_Moose

Who says we can't mass jump into a station?, by TheGilmster

Just outside Bubble Nebula, by Nindjako

House of the Rising Sun, by Helios

Darkness at Noon, by Helios

Binary Earth-like, by Nindjako

A ringed Earth-Like!, by Arburich

Dusk, by Nindjako

We are all Discoverers, by Helios

THE HOLE, by Arburich

Riding to the Top, by Arburich

SRV Meetup, by Arburich

The Circle of Ships, by Arburich

It's officially a Cult, by Arburich

One Final Jump, by Arburich