Countdown To Next Mass Jump


The Bounty Board

Returning this year in New Year, New Discoveries, we are adding a Bounty Board to the expedition. Below, you will find things that we are dolling out bounties for within the expedition, for what would "New Discoveries" be without, well, New Discoveries!

If you happen to be the first to find a bounty, you will be given the honor of being placed on the bounty list as the bounty's Lead Pioneer along with the picture you've taken of the spot. Don't worry, if you aren't the first, you can still get a partial reward for finding it!

If a Bounty is marked as "undiscovered", it means the system has to be untouched with no one claiming it's discovery yet. If a bounty is marked "Green", that means it is still active. If it is marked "Purple", that means a discovery was made and future discoveries will be given partial rewards.

NYND waypoints and codex entries do not count. This system is honor based, so please dont google things for bounties.

The Gallery

Below are user submitted images to the New Year, New Discoveries Gallery. If you wish to add your screenshot to the gallery list, go to the Discord and look how to use the "!gallery" command via Luna

If you successfully had Luna create a gallery image and you can't see it, make sure you hit ctrl-F5 to force refresh the page!