Countdown To Next Mass Jump


The Bounty Board

Returning this year in New Year, New Discoveries, we are adding a Bounty Board to the expedition. Below, you will find things that we are dolling out bounties for within the expedition, for what would "New Discoveries" be without, well, New Discoveries!

If you happen to be the first to find a bounty, you will be given the honor of being placed on the bounty list as the bounty's Lead Pioneer along with the picture you've taken of the spot. Don't worry, if you aren't the first, you can still get a partial reward for finding it!

If a Bounty is marked as "undiscovered", it means the system has to be untouched with no one claiming it's discovery yet. If a bounty is marked "Green", that means it is still active. If it is marked "Purple", that means a discovery was made and future discoveries will be given partial rewards.

NYND waypoints and codex entries do not count. This system is honor based, so please dont google things for bounties.

The Gallery

Below are user submitted images to the New Year, New Discoveries Gallery. If you wish to add your screenshot to the gallery list, go to the Discord and look how to use the "!gallery" command via Luna

If you successfully had Luna create a gallery image and you can't see it, make sure you hit ctrl-F5 to force refresh the page!

The NYND 3307 Fleet!, by Arburich

Hype before the jump, by sebkuip

Lunar Hyperlight after the mass jump, by Jay_Are

Docked after the mass jump, by MariMeow

Watching the NYND 3307 Fleet assemble!, by Skyeranger

The Alchemy Den Expeditionary Fleet, by Helios

Purple Pulse, by Helios

LENS FLARE, by Davkilla101


Everyone jumping including Lunar Hyperlight!, by DarkAngel2096

First jump!, by Morgan

Mass Jump One, by Incendiary_Moose

Arriving at Little Red Riding Hood, by MariMeow

First Discovery Sulfer Dioxide gas vent, by MariMeow

First Discovery silica magma spouts, by MariMeow

"Little" Red Riding Hood., by Helios

Brain trees on Leg 1 of NYND 3307, by badhockeyplayer

Red lagrange cloud inside of a blue supernova, by Jonny1300 (Max)

Carrier Around Little Red Riding Hood, by Arburich

The little SRV that could, by Orphan

NYND!, by Incendiary_Moose

Eclipse, by Incendiary_Moose

Sunset, by Morgan

Little Red Riding Hood, by Arburich

Ice Shepard, by Helios

Into the canyons, by Helios

Shepard's rest, by Helios

Red sea, by Helios

Monoliths of Carina, by Helios

Ringed ammonia world around a white star, by Jay_Are

Ringed brown dwarf, by Morgan

My own Neutron!, by Morgan

Bubblegum, by Morgan

Heat on the horizon, by Morgan

Canyons of Bleia, by Morgan

Hen 2-23's Rings, by Lazy_Palpatine

Up here!, by WolfDust

Where time stops, by Morgan

Stellar Phenomenon are magical 0u0, by BLACKFORT

Mustard Phenomenon, by BLACKFORT

Big white clouds!, by BLACKFORT

Strange Days Ahead, by BLACKFORT

Cloud Adder, by WolfDust

Black Hole Effects, by Ferretpaint

Scarab at dusk, by Morgan

porple, by Morgan

Crystalline, by Morgan

Climbing Trees, by WolfDust

Now kiss!, by ZLOK

Odinshead Nebula, by ZLOK

Blue gaze and lens effect of a Neutron star, by Austreelis

Blue orbital period, by ZLOK

Swallowed by the ghost., by ZLOK

Intense Heat, by Lofted

Starburst, by Helios

Sunstone investigating a bullet mollusc, by Cmdr Jack Borson

Flying through the clouds out into the vast darkness, by DarkAngel2096

Candy Cloud, by WolfDust

Ice Cold Bite, by WolfDust

Into the Clouds, by WolfDust

Phantom Orbit, by WolfDust

Phantom Starlight, by WolfDust

Phantom Trails, by WolfDust

Purple ringed gas giant, by Jay_Are

The fleet!, by Arburich

More Fleet!, by Arburich

Jump #2!, by Arburich

Lunar Alchemy leading the fleet, by Morgan

Mass Jump #2, by JVMMs

Mass Jump 2 lineup, by ZLOK

Late Night Madness!, by Arburich

Christmas "trees", by GlowCloudCatGirl

Found one!, by Incendiary_Moose

Porple Star, by Incendiary_Moose

'Adventure Time', by Incendiary_Moose

Challenger and her first discovered ELW (Planet Bob), by Helios

The Colour Before The Sun, by BLACKFORT

These Bug Give The Best Hugs!, by BLACKFORT

Smol Fren 0u0, by BLACKFORT

Campfires Stories At The Edge Of The World, by BLACKFORT

Music of the Spheres, by Helios

It's Asps all the way down, by GlowCloudCatGirl

Dwarf Eclipse, by Helios

Lunar HyperLight illuminated by Neutron star, by Morgan

Phrua Phoe Mixed Binary, by WolfDust

Phrua Phoe Canyon View, by WolfDust

Horizons, by JVMMs

Poison Gas and Crystal Forest, by JVMMs

Stellar Dance, by JVMMs

Mass Jump 4, by Arburich

Eastbound., by Helios

A view of Mass Jump 4 over the Wayfarer, by Morgan

Lighthouse, by Helios

Magellan's Star, by Arburich

Arriving at the furthest point on the trip, by sebkuip

Like a Galactic Lance, by Arburich

Feeling Very Small, by Arburich

Mass Jump, by DaPotato

L08 Anomalies and Crystals at Magellan, by Jonny1300 (Max)

Magellan Hyperlight, by Helios

Far from Home, by DaPotato

A More Glorious Dawn, by Helios

SRV meetup at Magellan's (taken by Kung-Fu Tuna), by Sid

frens!, by Arburich

The Edge of Forever, by Helios

The Fields of Magellan, by TheGilmster

"Mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever." – Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, by TheGilmster

A Universe of Infinite Wonder, by TheGilmster

Icy Body, by DaPotato

Another mass jump!, by Arburich

Arriving at a Giant, by Arburich

In the realm of a dying sun., by Helios

Pamplemousse, by Morgan

In the Mists of an Ammonia World, by GlowCloudCatGirl

Mass jump!, by Arburich

What ARE you?!, by Helios

Lost Gunship, by WolfDust

Preparing for Fight Night, by Arburich

One last look, by Helios

Final Mass Jump!, by Arburich

Loading up to go home, by Arburich

Lightning, by Jonny1300 (Max)

More crystals, by Noraaka

Ramond and Rona, by Noraaka

We finally meet again LHL, by Noraaka

Homebound, by Morgan

Galatic Trail, by JVMMs

Squadron, by JVMMs

GCRV says hi!, by Morgan

I'm with them, by GlowCloudCatGirl

She's with me, by Morgan

We're together!, by Morgan