About us

Alchemy Den, Beginnings

On July 13th, 2017, a server for the friends of Arburich was sprung to life. It wasn't much, had little to do with anything, and was mostly a screw around "lets see what this place is" sort of server. 

Over the course of time, an idea was sprung to create a community. A community that engages in helping others and creating meaningful interactions with its members.

On July 10th,  2018,  Arburich created and opened the server "Alchemy Den" to the public, which at it's start hosted approximately 5 members. 

The Early Months

After a few weeks of growth, Arburich reached out to the faithful "TheGilmster" to help admin the server. We held a few contests for a new logo, engaged in some BGS with the old faction "We Got This Corp.",  and started planning for the future of Alchemy Den. 

On August 11th, 2018,  Alchemy Den was brought into the world of Elite Dangerous as a Player Minor Faction. In our home of 59 Virginis, we fought tooth and nail to take over our new home.

Shortly after, Luna Bot,  a homebrewed disccord,js bot was brought to life by Arburich, and continues to serve Alchemy Den today. 

Present and Future Growth

Near the end of the year, TheGilmster and Saarinen came together to propose a new event. New Year, New Discoveries. This expedition brought about patches, new friends, worthwhile memories, and a hell of a lot of fun

The future of Alchemy Den looks bright. There is so much here that has yet to be said, and all it takes is a step in the right direction to learn a little more! We hope to see you around CMDR.