The Staff

Arburich, Owner and Creator

The owner and eccentric programmer, Arburich is the creater of Alchemy Den and the creator of most programmable things that come with it. This site and Luna Bot are both creations of Arburich.

More frequently called Arb, they find themselves often caught up in BGS antics and bot errors, but finds significant time to stay in tune with the server and see to it that everyone is having a good time. 

TheGilmster, Admin

The eternal salt, Gilmster is often on the front lines of the server engaging and helping those that need it. The best admin anyone could ask for, and has helped far more with the server behind the scenes than most would anticipate. Gilmster is actually the first non-owner member of Alchemy Den way back from 2017! A good friend all the way!

When Gilmster isn't playing Elite Dangerous, you can often find him writing new charts for Clone Hero, or playing some wild games on his twitch channel. Always a pleasure to be around! 


Saarinen, the Finnish guy that everyone respects. Saarinen has been here since the first 24 hours of Alchemy Den, and has been one of the most dedicated people I've ever seen. Helping others is a great passtime for Saarinen, and when he's not helping, he's probably listening to some crazy music!

Saarinen has had some great ideas, and has set a good foundation for Alchemy Den by showing everyone what we really stand for. His contributions to the server have propelled us beyond what we could have imagined, and we enjoy every moment with this guy! If you ever have a question, this guy probaly has the answer! 

💙 Blue Moon 💙

Blue is the energy and passion that Alchemy Den strives for. With their trademark "excited" blobs, you'll never see a dull moment with Blue. A great person to be around, and a great moderator filled with ideas and events that have yet to even unfold!

When Blue isn't engaging with the server, you'll probably see them cracking an awful colorblind joke (you should ask why "Blue" Moon!), or showing off some amazing Birbs that we have all come to love. 


AnubisNor, the hard working guy that has helped Alchemy Den through the hardest of BGS trials. Anubis is often seen around the home systems running missions for the betterment of AD and helping others along the way.

Anubis has a work ethic like no other, and when he puts his mind to something you can bet your Viper that he's going to follow through. Genuine and helping, a brave and hardworking face of Alchemy Den.

Ziva Tevar

Ziva is the pride of Alchemy Den's diplocamtic relations. She has single handedly brought about friends and staved off enemies with just a few words. Without Ziva bringing the community of Elite Together, we wouldn't be the same!

Ziva is often seen doing everything she can to make AD a fun place to be. Without Ziva, we would have a lot more enemies than we do friends!