The Staff

Arburich, Owner and Creator

The owner and eccentric programmer, Arburich is the creater of Alchemy Den and the creator of most programmable things that come with it. This site, Luna Bot, and Alchemy Den are all creations of Arburich.

More frequently called Arb, they find themselves often caught up in BGS antics and bot errors, but finds significant time to stay in tune with the server and see to it that everyone is having a good time!

TheGilmster, Admin

The eternal salt, Gilmster is often on the front lines of the server engaging and helping those that need it. The best admin anyone could ask for, and has helped far more with the server behind the scenes than most would anticipate. Gilmster is actually the first non-owner member of Alchemy Den way back from 2017! A good friend all the way!

When Gilmster isn't playing Elite Dangerous, you can often find him writing new charts for Clone Hero, or playing some wild games on his twitch channel. Always a pleasure to be around! 

Malcolm A. Clypse, Moderator

Malcolm, aka "Mad Mal", is the lead scientist of Alchemy Den. Often proclaimed as a man ahead of his time, Mal is the future of science and tinfoil in our group!

Malcom can often be seen hunting for Raxxla on the outskirts of the galaxy or right here at home. If you ever have a pondering thought as to what secrets the universe hold, Mal is your guy!

SirJumpnick, Moderator

SirJumpnick, aka "Chair Man Sirjumpnick the Saviour", is the straight faced go getter with the best puns in the whole damn galaxy. Ever in need of a good laugh, then hit up that !chairsignal and let the magic come to you!

When the Chair Man isn't saving us from a corrupted Luna, or making amazing chair puns, you can often see him planning the next Alchemy Den Movie Night, or just chilling with a good beer in space!

Winston, Moderator

Winston is the bright and bubbly face of Alchemy Den. They are probably the first face you'll see inside the welcome wagon, making sure that you are brought into the server with the most cheerful grin and upbeat fun!

Winston is often seen inside the home system, puttering about with new commanders and friends alike, making sure that everyone feels at home and a part of Alchemy Den. If they are taking a break from Elite, it's probably to work on secret Art Projects and some pretty awesome creative stuff!